Red vs. Blue

I am stressed and that’s the best time to write a poem.
I see red States all over the country, not blue ,wherever I roam.

I am very scared I voted for Hillary you see,

I’m scared for the minorities truly scared, for you not for me.

We’re not going to let in Islamic ,Muslim decent.

Families will be separated. Not terrorism it was prevent

Mexican immigrant workers can’t get in. Economies will fall.

I will be in Mexico for December. What if he builds that wall?

If we keep immigrants out, I don’t know if I want back in.

I’m scared for us if Trump does win.

I could’ve been Born  during times of War ,have no food ,no roof over my head;

You could have it so much worse ;whoever you are ,but instead…

Your relatives came here for a reason, duh;

No matter who wins, you live in the fucking United States of America!

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