Election time

who you will it be, Trump or Clinton

What does the rest of the world think like Britain

They think were a joke. A puppet show.

I agree totally, you know.

The propaganda and mudslinging has given me sadness

The United States of America election has become Shear MadnessThey don’t think for themselves they just do what they see

I think  Facebook has hurt the election and especially the TV

we were better before all this promotion

It’s like putting on makeup or skin lotion

It means nothing. Listen to the debates

Then you will know who you like and who everyone hates

But no one does they listen to commercials and look at pictures on Facebook

How does this teach you who is good and who is a crook?

You might as well just pick one lying on the floor

Try listening to the candidates I do implore

It’s time to be smart. And listen to their ways,

Domestic and foreign policies. Let’s go back to the old ways

Until we are smart and to truly use our own knowledge,

They never get rid of the Electoral College.

It’s time to listen to the candidates and choose for you

Things will only get worse until we do.

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