Last neurologist for multiple sclerosis ever

Yesterday I had my last appointment with my neurologist for multiple sclerosis. He told me he was dropping Me 2 months ago and I was very upset. After speaking with him I realize he is really a wonderful daughter. He gave us suggestions of doctors that will give me the chemotherapy starts he need after I get back from back from Mexico and he’s also wished for me to come in and show the success of my stem cells! He really can’t see me anymore because once I have a new immune system the new immune system will not have multiple sclerosis. So I do have to see a specialist to get those chemotherapy shots and just wait a few years to see how much better I. Get… my husband and I left feeling very happy knowing that there are still some American neurologists out there that are good people. I have heard so many horror stories of neurologist telling their patients if they go to Mexico to see them come back in a body bag. I am serious this has really happened to people. Now that I am not his patient if there are any people with multiple sclerosis looking for a new neurologist please email me as he might have an opening. He was the best neurologist I have ever had. But now I am feeling a little weird and having a lot of anxiety. The past 20 years of my life, I have seen a neurologist for multiple sclerosis every 3 or 6 months. It feels really strange that I don’t have to anymore. But I have a whole new life ahead of me starting at 36! It is a very strange feeling to know that I may not need a neurologist ever again. It is a good feeling but it is also a very scary feeling. Wish me luck on my new Journey one more month till stem cells. I will keep you all posted on how it  goes. Peace and love Laurelin O’Brien 

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