strongly believe

Muslims believe strongly that Mohammad knows all

Babylonians believed strongly that Babylon Would not fall

Christians believe strongly that Jesus is Messiah, the one 

Buddhist believes strongly if you meditate God will come

Jews believe strongly the Messiah has yet to appear

Jehovah’s Witnesses believe.strongly Armageddon is coming; but if you’r a Jehovah’s Witnesses – have no fear

Atheists believe strongly that there is no God

Agnostics believe strongly that there could be one, or maybe it’s a fraud

Terrorist believe strongly that they are right and everyone else is wrong

 Murder genocide despicable things are done while singing the same song

“I hate your culture.I hate you. I know because God hates you too”

It’s all I learned as I grew, the devi is inside of you!

Praise Ali!-I cry as I suicide bomb into your store

We simply won’t take it anymore!

Assholes, Ali is God. We all strongly  Believe there is only one

You slaughter your brothers and sisters, my son

We believe strongly;  the worlds’ religions are coming for you 

Not a pilgrimage to Mecca; one that is over due 

God doesn’t want war .We will find you; and incarcerate 

You can spend your life in a cell, and be alone with your hate 

Peace is coming Isis, crazy fundamentals, psychos filled with rage

Humanity and all religions are ablaze 

Ablaze with love.We are one,you are crazed 

Together we will see the end of your days.  Peace and love Laurelin 

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