What goes up must go down. I think. Maybe it goes sideways.

Yin and yang. black and white

For every action there is an opposite reaction

Oil and water in a fight

Do you go left? Do you go right? Which direction?

It’s from Venus, it’s her .It’s from Mars, it is him you know.

Opposites will never attract, upset; an upheaval; it will be an attack 

You simply can’t mix a Taurus with a Scorpio.

Born Agains, should be with born-agains and crack heads should stay with crack

Then there are those who say you should live in the grey.

Some say life goes in a straight line.

I’m Taurus, my husband is Scorpio, so I guess we went astray.

It makes you wonder about nature,a Creator, it’s such a perfect design

Electrons, neutrons, molecules, atoms I am exploding. 

Do Opposites attract? Can you live in the grey without upsetting someone?

What if Up Is Down and I’m actually imploding.

To live in one category would not be much fun . 

Some day the truth, the Creator, will be exposed to everyone.

My head hurts. And so we’ll think about these things later,

Opposites, or science, and black or white, or creator..

I think I will just go hug my husband, and kiss my kid.

If there was Adam and Eve, I’m sure it’s what they did.

I think life is a bunch of lessons, and they go by so fast.

Carpe Diem and Just enjoy the experience. some questions just go by faith and don’t ask.

Into your soul all the answers will one day seep

When we are ashes and dust and six foot deep.

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