The puppet show! Cats ideas  on today’s American presidential election

My human female does not post Politics on her Facebook. But I am acat and I do not care.

  • Immigration- Donald Trump does not have a stand on immigration. His stand is don’t let anyone in. He forgets that this country is e pluribus unum of many one. how does he think his family got here?
  • Immigration- Hillary Clinton’s stance let  those in who can prove themselves, where it is better life for themselves and they are not terrorists. And  to have more effective border control to try to keep it legal aliens out of Mexico.
  • The economy- Donald Trump’s opinion of economy is trickle down economics. We proved earlier from the bushes in the office that trickle down economics do not work.Giving money to the rich in hopes that they will pass it on and help others is absolutely BS. When is the last time you saw a millionaire help  -the middle class?
  • Economy- Hillary Clinton believes we should give more grants and money for new businesses starting up for the middle class. She also believes the rich need to start doing their part and give more money than they are.
  • Sexual orientation and sexual issues- Donald Trump doesn’t like gay people he has made that very obvious he is only saying know that sexual orientation doesn’t bother him because the legal government finally has recognized that there is no difference between love. Donal Trump is a sexually molested or if you don’t want to call it molested, he  has groped  women under their skirts, has kissed women inappropriately, has been married many times,God knows how many times he has had affairs. He decides to go against Hillary Clinton by claiming she would make a bad president because her husband former President Bill Clinton had an affair. What the hell does her husband having an affair have to do with the presidential election? He has in many circumstances been  a misogynistic pig. 
  • Hillary Clinton has been married to the same man for decades. Yes her husband screwed up and had an affair but they chose to stay together and make things work. How can you possibly have a problem with that? Not to mention if you vote Hillary Clinton you sort of get Bill Clinton back. And let us not forget that he got us out one of the worst recessions America has ever been in.
  • Foreign affairs- if you know of Donald Trump’s Foreign Affairs then I’m sorry you are from another  country.We all  Immigrated from somewhere. Which as far as I’m concerned makes all of you our brothers and sisters. Trump would like to build a wall between us and Mexico. He would like to enforce every country that owes us all this money to give us money back. He seems to have forgotten we are in debt to other countries billions of dollars. They have let us have time we need to do the same for them. his beliefs I don’t know they’re just simply disgusting. China is not about to go to war with us. We need to worry abolt terrorists  not China. Last time I checked mr. Trump China was in the terrible economic catastrophe. Having trouble feeding the people. And no,I am sorry mr. Trump you do not know more about Isis as the generals. that is the craziest thing I have ever heard.
  • Foreign affairs- Hillary Clinton would like the United Nations to stand in for all countries to work together to fight terrorism.. Hillary Clinton would like to boost what the American dollar is while  taking into consideration that the euro is slowly taking over the world. She does not want to build a wall. She would like us and  Mexico to stay friends. She does not want to go to war with China. She would like us to stay friends with China. To put it quite frankly Donald Trump doesn’t even have a say in foreign affairs cuz I don’t think he understands what they are.
  • Significant others- let’s just be honest. Do you really want Donald Trump’s model wife to be first lady? To work towards children’s rights? To stand by his side and speak for this nation? She didn’t even write her own speech. She’s stolen it from Michelle Obama
  • Significant others- Bill Clinton had an affair. Yes he said this lovely girl and she came on to him and he gave in. Let us not forget John F Kennedy ok. And he was the favorite President of all times you really don’t think he wasn’t messing around in the office? If you vote for Hillary you are also helping to get them cleaned up and I don’t care what people say about him when it comes to the affair he was a great president.
  • This cat is done. I guess I’ve spoken my piece.As I’m only a feline  I do not have the ability to vote in this election. I do have the ability to ask on my human friends to please vote Hillary Clinton period you have no idea what that mean Donald Trump will do to our country. It will not be pretty. As a sidebar for foreign friends do you know what they call our election in Italy? The puppet show! Let’s not let them be right anymore. Do not defy me and simply because he is a billionaire he has not submitted his father gave him Millions to start his businesses don’t buy into the BS. However don’t vote for Hillary just because Trump is evil, learn about her and what she stands for and I think you will find that she should be our next president. Peace and love – Ali

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