M1dicinal marijuana I changed my mind

I thought that THC was helping my multiple sclerosis pain 

 I have quit and my symptoms are the same..

 I believe that marijuana probably does have medicinal value. Probably for people like cancer Parkinson’s disease or even multiple sclerosis.

Unfortunately my pain is too great. I have to take narcotics because my pain is just too ferocious

I recognize that it does have its medicinal qualities. It doesn’t for me but that does not mean I don’t think it should be legalized

It is far less worse for you than alcohol, causing hundreds of deaths every day. The government could tax  and monitor it and I do surmise;

The stigma against it must end. We must get over the fear;

That marijuana is as bad as alcohol the science is clear.

No I amend my original statement. Marijuana should not just be legal medicinally. It should be legal everywhere.

Americans are not stupid. We all are entitled to our opinions the science we should share;

Let people choose for themselves what they put in their body and choose not to.

It may not be for me but it’s your choice if it is for you.

Write your Congressman today let them know our state needs money.

The time to be self-righteous it’s over and let’s face it, it’s just not funny.

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