The end of the world

Ever since I was a child I have had an obsession with the end of the world. It is more than an obsession, it is straight-up OCD. When I was in elementary school ,my mother rented Logan’s Run for me. I watched it over and over and over again. Now I own it on DVD and I watch it over and over and over again. In middle school,  I read a short story called The Lottery. I became obsessed with this short story and read it over and over and over again. Today I have read all of The Hunger Games series, the Diveargent series, The Maze Runner series, and all of The Giver books. If it’s post-apocalyptic I love it. My favorite show is The Walking Dead and my second favorite show is Fear The Walking Dead. What is it about thinking about the end of humanity that makes us all Wonder? Will it be a virus? Will it be aliens? Will it be World War 3? Will it be zombies? I so hope it will be zombies. whatever it is I’m sure it will be a great show! When I was a child I used to pray to see the end of the world. I also used to pray to be abducted by aliens. Yes, you can say I was a strange child. . However, not much has changed I only wish to not see the end of the world because I have my own child that I wish to have a long life . It just fascinates me. Where we’re going. Where we have been. And what will happen to us. However it goes down; nature  will win. There is an alpha, therefore, there must be an Omega. I hope Humanity goes out strong. However, I do remember that Cockroaches are stronger than we’ll ever be. And with my luck it won’t be anything cool. It will be nature itself that takes us out. We don’t destroy ourselves. It will be a stupid ice age, or something like that. Only in the minds of man is it ever anything as cool as zombies.” It’s the end of the world as we know it. And I feel fine.”REM

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