Religion versus government

I am watching a show called The Talk. They’re debating whether or not it should be legal for parents to use a man’s sperm a woman egg but only the part that is good basically the yolk. And the rest of the genetic code from a third woman party. This being because there is something wrong with the woman’s egg . however, the Yoke of her egg is still good. Video arguing that this should not be legal. Who are we to decide whether or not good people who just want to be parents in any way should be allowed or not allowed to do so. How did these  women even argue this point saying these people should adopt. Many people want to have their own child as close to their DNA as possible. What on Earth could be wrong with it? Who are we to say whether or not people should take any risk possible to be parents? Needless to say I am no longer watching that show. I have friends who have tried and tried for years to have their own children. Should they not have the right to do anything in their power to do so? These are good people who just want to be parents. How dare we say who can and cannot do so. I am disgusted with the thought that we can even decide whether or not people should be able to do what they want with their genetic code. It is disgusting. It is rude. It is not a good display of humanity. If you do not agree with me that is okay we have the right to our own opinions. But when you display it on a national show it is wrong. Who are these five women to tell the rest of the world what they should or should not do with their genetic makeup. As far as1 I know religion and state were separated.  I see religion playing too much of a part 1in government. This is the United States of America. We are a democracy not a dictatorship. Instead of trying to devalue what people do with their own genetic makeup to try to be parents, perhaps instead we should be proud of these people for wanting to be parents so badly they will go to any measure to do is ok to have your own opinions. But when you make a stand for all of the country on a television show I find it very disturbing. What happened to love coming first? What happened to the First Amendment? Who are we to decide what people can do with their own bodies? If you are in a position where people listen to you and judge based on what you say, something has gone wrong with this country. Have your own opinions keep them to yourself. I have lost respect for this show. I lose respect when people go on a format and tell us what to do. I’ll decide what to do with myself. And others have the right to do the same thing. That is all I will say on this matter. If you are willing to go to any lanths to be a parent good for you we need more good ones.

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