Today is a great day

I’m one more day closer to getting stem cells. Today is a great day, because I have a beautiful daughter and loving husband who takes care of me. Today is a great day because it’s still Green in my backyard and the wind is blowing the giant maple tree beautifully. I fell down twice today, I didn’t hurt myself but I found myself laughing inside; and thought;  today is a great day. I did my daily walk to the front door and back to my bedroom to keep my muscles moving and tripped once. I picked myself up and said today is a great day I walked as far as I did. I tried to fold the laundry but I was at an odd angle and I couldn’t do much. I told myself I’m grateful for the laundry I did fold, and today is a great day. My nerve pain is pretty bad today. but pain can only make us stronger, and lets us know that we are alive and I said to myself today is a great day. Now  I am watching TV as I write this blog, just taking a break and being comfortable and thinking how much of a great day it is to be able to take a break. I am excited to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow knowing that tomorrow will be an even greater day. Because today was certainly a great day.

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