Beyond grateful

Over the course of the last few months I have seen Humanity at its best. I have seen people shell out money for someone they don’t even know to try to improve her quality of life. I’ve seen old friends who don’t even really like to leave their house come out to a benefit to support a young woman who’s trying to better her life. I have seen strangers create baskets quilts food and other items to sell for the same woman. A woman who would have never received stem cells if it wasn’t for the help of all these people. This has been the greatest display of humanity at its best that I have ever seen. So wonderful that it makes me forget about all the darkness that is in humanity today. There is more good than there is bad. There it is, a circle to everything, there are coincidences.there are coincidences that are not coincidences at all. Maybe there is a fate . Maybe this is how our lives are supposed to play out. All I know is I’m glad I got to witness Humanity at its best. For all the terrible things that we see on the news today we need to remember these wonderful moments that are Beyond gratitude. Such gratitude that gratitude is not a big enough word for it. I hope that today you, Humanity, find a reason to be Beyond grateful. And if you can’t be Beyond grateful just be grateful you woke up today and took in a breath. Peace and love Laurelin 

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