Religious or  narcissists

A Christian who does not follow the teachings of Jesus does not love their neighbor or forgive and forget is a narcissist. A Christian who loves their neighbor and forgives or forgets is a good person. A Muslim who believes that if they crash into buildings trains and hurt others to get into heaven is not a Muslim they are a narcissist. A Muslim who follows the words of Muhammad and loves thy neighbor is a good person.  a Jewish man who follows the teaching of the Lord and obeys The Ten Commandments is a good person. A Jewish man who lies and cheats and thinks they are better than other people is a narcissist. Anybody who believes because they follow Buddha and meditate every day and are better than others is a narcissist. A Buddhist who follows the teaching of Buddha is a good person. I think I’ve made my point. I could go on and on. Whoever your higher power is remember to just be a good person Love Thy Neighbor love each other humanity is all we have. Peace and love Laurelin 

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