My battle

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on my 18th birthday. As it progressed I was able to go to college to become a teacher and was able to teach high school for about 5 years. After the birth of my daughter my multiple sclerosis turn for the worse. Today I live in constant pain medication I have to take 4 Percocet a day  just to survive. I would really like to get off this medication and stem cells could make this possible. Today I can not work. I cannot walk I cannot hold my child since the age of 4 months old. I can not control my bowels are my bladder. I cannot eat with utensils I just Shuffle food into my mouth. Hence I do not go to restaurants anymore. I know if the chance to help turn things around. They will give me a stem cells which would create a new immune system that won’t make my MS symptoms get better over time. I am asking for all of your help. As my family is not rich. If you could help by donating that would be unbelievably wonderful for me and my family. Please go to  and my name and learn more about me and donate today. I am also asking my fellow bloggers to please share this blog. As most of you have more followers than me. The more money we get the more you save us from it causing us to get a loan  we can afford. Please help me and please tell the world I know with your help and with Humanity’s hope we can do it bless you all and there’s always peace and love Laurelin 

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