Joy and Hope

I have never had so much joy in my heart. So many wonderful people friends family and strangers are helping me to make my dreams come true and get stem cells. I’m even being interviewed by a local news channel tomorrow. I hope they raise enough money for stem cells but even more so I hope that stem cells help me and I have a new life. I am so excited for the future and I haven’t felt that way in over 10 years. I hope and I pray that all of you can someday feel the joy that I feel in my heart. There is nothing better than having faith in humanity and your fellow human beings. Can You Feel It in the Air? It is all around you you just have to reach out and grab it. Ask for help when you need it. Pass it along and I swear it will come back to you tenfold. Be the humanity that I know we all can be. Think of it as a computer we are all connected all of us there is no Six Degrees of Separation. There is no separation. As soon as we all feel it and believe it it will come true for all of you. I have never felt so good in my life. I have never had so much joy and hope for tomorrow. I know it’s possible I know things get tough sometimes but there is always hope never let go of that. If it happened to me it can happen for any one of you you just have to reach out. Trust your God and your fellow man all of the gods are the same God is about love. Once we learned this and stop fighting over God and realize this is not what he wants your heart will be lifted up. Even if you do not believe in God believe in yourselves believe in nature believe in the circle of life. I’m telling you it works it is conceivable. I am for all of you to help change the world be a part of this Collective. We are all the same. There’s no better joy than feeling this and knowing this. I hope for all of you that someday you can feel the way I do right now. 

Bless you all whatever your religion or lack thereof it is about that human connection. Don’t lose your head don’t lose your joy. I promise it will happen for all of you peace and love Laurelin 

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