Facebook wars

  1. Stop. Just stop. LOL what did it accomplish? Have you changed your mind on who you’re going to vote Trump or Clinton because of someone’s post? Does it really matter if someone you don’t even know calls you stupid? People around the world are dying guys seriously. People around the world are missing limbs can’t walk can’t talk can’t see can’t exedra. You need to learn to be a duck. all you Facebook Warriors. All just need to let it roll off your back. It doesn’t matter I promise you in the big scheme of things it does not matter. We start as Stardust we end as Stardust. Please stop stressing yourself out it’s not worth it. maybe we all should read more books. Maybe we all need to stop worrying about what other people think. Maybe we all just need to calm down. Remember how you love the simple things as a kid? Remember when cell phones didn’t exist? Yes life is easier, but that doesn’t make it any better. Relax. Don’t do it war sucks no matter who does it.

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