Just took me a hour to reset password to blog and e-mail. Apparently, if your cat dies and you don’t use the computer for a couple months all cyber hell breaks lose! Yes, it was a huge pain..but I’m back and yes; it is I; Laurelin human(today anyways) O’Brien! Other than my cat, the big news is; this poet is writing a short sci-fi novella called Kepler. (guess what it’s about?) If you ,guessed the planet Kepler; ten points for you. My poetry and blogging will return this week; as well as my new story (I hope in a few weeks.) How is humanity doing? The pope visited and people are still at war. Oh yeah, China in financial ruin. Humanity is still around thank goodness, yet, still a mess. We’ll work on that together,friends. Love you all,especially YOU. check out my story later, readers. Til next time…

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