Today or Tomorrrow, Never yesterday

I humbly ask; to play this game fair.
I don’t know the rules, and who wins; I don’t care.
You can go first, or you can goo last.
It matters not. Already a thing of the past.
No one knows what the future holds.
Some players think so; if they are so bold.
They think it matters; status, money, or strife.
the harder they battle, they lose at life.
Whom invented this game? God, Devil, or man.
Creation? Evolution? Maybe aliens ran;
Away with our genes. Our hearts. Our souls.
Winning was never one of the goals.
For years they might have watched and listened.
Only to find they lost sight of the mission.
Always starts with good intentions.
The road to Hell is paved with such mentions.
If not God, aliens, man, Devil; than who?
Whom would conjure this mess, and leave us what to do?
Either beauty, destruction, a horrible mess.
What if the game is really a test?!
Will you go first? As I am scared to play.
Maybe tomorrow, but not today.
Take a deep breath; in and out.
Remember this game; you can do with out.

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