Be your own Dr.

Now don’t get me wrong;doctors are great; sometimes. I have had m.s. over half my life;I’m a pro at it. As you see with my progressive diagnosis in my featured pic, THERE’S NOT MUCH HELP YET FOR US. I’m currently looking for a new neurologist. I LOVE my old one, but he’s far and his time is limited. My new one argued not for me to call my m.s. progressive, as insurance doesn’t like to medicate. They know I have progressive. It never has been a problem. He goes against what my doc of 15 yrs knows about me. ALL docs do this. I have many diagnosis throughout the years. All docs are good for me lately is prescriptions and being macho-‘that Dr is wrong, I am right’! Please docs, get over yourselves! Listen to your patients. My body knows me better than you do. So my advise friends, is take EVERYTHING they say with a grain of salt. Listen your body and voice your opinion. Remember; YOU pay them. They may know a text book. YOU know you. They are important,but they are not God. Beware the once that think they are.Peace-n-love and good health!

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