Belief (written 2-8-2007)

Two seeds fell from an adult tree.

One grew firm and strong for thee,

The other weak, and tremblingly.

The first gave me a plethora of round lovely pears.

The other tree grew rotten ones; looking like zig-zag stairs. 

I need both for food! Advanced my worry and cares.

“what should I do?” I said with a sigh.

Maybe I should chop it; and let it die.

Then I saw something out of one eye;

Vermin were getting into my field!

and eating all my produce the garden did yield.

I started to pray, on my knees I knelled

I then saw something over my shoulder.

The vermin were starting to keel over!

I grabbed my gun,ran outside,growing bolder.

In every mouth of the vermin was rotten fruit.

I laughed and cried, and said with a hoot;

“I’ll never remove that precious trees’ roots!”

I realized then;to look below the surface.

Everything; Everyone; serves a purpose.


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