Amen Iraq (written 12-2008)

Sit back and listen,I gotta say somethin’

While my tongue is quick and blood is pumpin’.

Mind is racing,heart is bleeding,

From all the bullshit they have me reading.

Thought Bush just found the Taliban,

Ended up just being some Muslim man.

They killed his five kids, and young wife.

They gutted the grandma with a knife.

Grandma was trying to save the kids you see,

But no one runs from democracy!

Times like this;I want to pray.

But a bomb blew the church up yesterday!

Oil is the Republicans flavor.

Yet,they hide it behind the word terror.

The only terrorism that I see-

are the lies they tell you and me.

This war makes you angry, and a bit bitter.

While Bush reminds me of a man named Hitler.

He wanted to control the world too.

Today it’s money and oil, instead of blonde and eyes blue.

Poor,Muslim, with oil; you better run;

’cause USA is comin’ with a real big gun.

How do we stop this infinite madness?

Before everyone dies and all is sadness?

America is NOT just one face.

America represents the HUMAN race.

That means Jews, gays, Muslims too!

It’s time to stop reading bullshit and think for you!

Your opinion shouldn’t be what you hear.

Mass media will only create fear.

America; this war just is not fair.

It’s time to wake up from this nightmare.

Killing for power is not cool…

But we kill for fossil fuel.



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