L,My husband

My husband and I have been together for almost 10 years he is my rock. He is my best friend. He is my lover and my life. He gave me the most precious gift anyone can give you my daughter. He lifts me off the floor and puts me in bed. He has not come up when I can’t make it to the bathroom. He picks me up when I fall down. No man could stand the things he has to deal with with my illness. What does most the painting for my daughter and I can not. Helios me in my wheelchair. And never complains. Elsa wedding anniversary approaches always find myself more in love with him everyday. You are blessed in life to have the love that I have you are lucky person. Apps themselves don’t for any reason work out but they will I am the luckiest person alive. Thank you John the greatest husband and father in the world just I know I can be a bitch and crazy with sickness and crazy with my life and where it has been but you have always stood by me. I’ll love you forever and I can’t wait until we’re back from Mexico and I start getting better. I love you

1Step off my grass

(..I was having a conversation earlier about legal marijuana. I live in New York state where it is supposably legal medicinally. As you know I have multiple sclerosis and I have many doctors who will prescribe it to me. Unfortunately federal government threatens to take away a doctor’s license and they can’t seem to figure out the quantity of THC to give 2 people. So I guess you can just assume that people with multiple sclerosis and painful diseases just can’t win.. the government would rather all of us use narcotics. Narcotics are addictive marijuana is not. The federal government and institutions claiming to know what is best for my body should try living in my body. Until this happens step off my grass.

How to stop mass shootings in America

People think there are only two solutions to solving mass shootings in America what is gun control how to get guns off the streets and stricter access in getting them this is foolish guns will never be off of the street that is like saying crack or heroin will be off the street soon and I could get it right now I’ve been sober 10 years the second solution to the problem is mental illness people think we need stricter test to see if people should have a gun if they’re prone to mental illness.This too will never work. the answer to the problem is simple. we must learn to be a community again. know who your neighbors are.Meet them.  See if you think there is anything wrong  about them. Be a good neighbor and look out for each other. you don’t want to hear on the news that your neighbor shot someone and be their person on the news that says I never saw it coming that is the answer.Be a good neighbor I apologize for the punctuation I am currently talking in the order to write blogs and I haven’t figured out how to do that yet in the meantime think of these words that I have read it and think about how simple the solution is it is there we all just need to be neighborly Peace and Love


Please help me to be part of my family again. I can not type, use silverware, walk, control bladder or bowels. In pain every minute. Please help save my life. Go to helphopelive.org and put in my n…

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