the scam

The biggest trick or scam that the devil ever played on us, was convincing us that he was not real. What a brilliant scam! Today the biggest scam that is being pulled on us is in the form of the news or media.

You can’t find news today. That isn’t biased. I watch CNN. But I am left with. Why would I watch Fox News? It appeals to the right-wing into Donald Trump supporters. So I watch news that appeals to me. But I am very aware that even this news is not accurate. No news is real news. It’s getting very tricky to figure out what is the truth. And what is not anymore.

I have decided to create my own news. That is the best way to go about the problem. Buy your own website. Then the news is whatever you say! Maybe if we all come together, collectively read each other’s blogs, The news can become what the new should be. Truth. Seeing you has how the news this day and age is all someone else’s opinion, Why not make our own news? Let us start our own scam. And let that scam ring with truth. If the devil could do it, so can we.

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