A deathly experience?

June 26th 2018 my heart stopped beating. I am told that Lourdes Hospital worked on me for 10 minutes. For over ten minutes I had no . I was for all intents and purposes, dead. It has taken me many months since my heart started beating, to piece together what are real memories and what are false. I had many hallucinations when I was in a coma for six days. However, something happened during those 10 minutes when my heart was not beating. This is my experience.

I was in the ICU. But it was unlike any other I see you. I had the feeling that I was in a civil war military tent. The top of the room was a tent top. And it was all white. And the walls of the room were all white. The weirdest part was that the walls and the ceiling billowed and moved like they were sheets in the wind. Nothing in this room had substance. I had doctors working on me, but they completely ignored me. No one would listen to my words! I was trying to scream that I was alive, but no one would listen. There was also a priest who was uttering words over me. These words were not in English. The closest thing I can think of was that it sounded like Aramaic? Of course I have no idea what Aramaic sounds like oh, but that was the feeling I had. I saw that he was reading me my last right, for I have had my last rights read to me before but this was different. His voice was booming. It was thunderous. It was very authoritative and he absolutely did not care what I said. It was like I was not there. Or like I wasn’t supposed to be there. He also was only a torso. He hovered high above me. He went back and forth in the air shouting his thunderous voice. On closer examination of the doctors working on me, they were not wearing regular scrubs. I don’t think they were wearing clothes at all. It looked like they were wearing something white. But it did not look like clothing, it look like it was simply their body. They also were ginormous in comparison to normal people. I would estimate they were eight feet high. I know I was not supposed to be here. I knew that these doctors or Angels or whatever they were, were trying to send me back. You see, I don’t think I was on this Earthly plane. Maybe I had a past life in a civil war,? I do not know. All I know is that this experience was real. It was not a hallucination. I had many coma hallucinations while in Albany Medical Center. This was not one of them. I know in my heart that this was an out-of-body experience and that it was not my time yet. That preacher and those doctors, whoever they were, we’re trying to send me back to where I belong. You see it just was not my time yet. There is so much in this life that we cannot nor will we ever understand. I will never understand what happened to me, but I know it happened. The Logical brain will tell you that my brain was just falsely firing synapses and I imagined this moment as I was dying. The Logical brain would be wrong in this case. I have learned from this experience to always trust your gut. I have learned to always be a good person. Live by the Golden Rule. Religious and does not matter. I am sure if I had been Jewish I would have seen a rabbi and not a priest. I do not think spirituality has anything to do with religion. This life does have a purpose. I do not know what it is, but I know that there is purpose in everything we do. So make what you do be part of the solution and not part of the problem. Do not doubt yourself. People can tell me all they want that this experience did not happen but I know it did. I know in my heart that it was not my time to leave this Earthly plane. And because of something I was brought back. And I will live the rest of my life being grateful and trying to give back what I have been given.

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