Rap gone wrong

.Explicit lyrics not forchildren 

..Everybody from the 6:07 put your hands in the air and reach for heaven everybody from the 6:07 put your hands in the air and reach for heavenly

>When I was young rap had something to say.. Ice Cube Snoop Dogg NWA. The founders of American rap inspired your songs young RB you’re nothing but words you got it all wrong. You don’t Inspire anyone you got nothing to say I love you pussy motherfuckers get out of my way . I’m an OG Raver ;Raver started with bubble crew;. Back when turning tables and scratchin was all we knew now those days are over and its sad you young uns don’t know real rap or house music. Think you’re rough and tough and your Rhyme is sick but you’re nothing and you can’t think quick. This white girl will battle any day of the week. . New rap sucks and their rhymes are weak. Back in the old days we had some thing to say prejudism old idea’s get the fuck out of our way. We made the road for your pussy rhymes my music is gone every time. Sell your gold chains and bling and play with your cell phone. You are not fooling anyone and your words have  no tone  . BUt. Your shit rhymes  could be a new cell phone ringtone. What happened to Compton parental lyrics advised?. We fought for this music for charge to arise. Then you turned it into love songs Mary Jane and chemicals are your in debt song. When did our message become a joke to you and go wrong ? Fuck that shit and a giant  fuck you. You have no message or meaning but you think you’re so true. No one’s gotanything on you.  Battle this real bad ass chick and you’ll cry you are an insects to me like a little old fly. The fly can try but I don’t know why. I will swat you on the wall and say to you all- don’t mess with Old School you’re just a poser. One day you’ll look back and say I am the closer.. close you down one by one. Bet you have to write your words down before they are sung. I I’ll battle  you straight from my head go home and write your battles instead. Call me up and we’ll battle by phone. If I win I will use your shit ringtone. It’s easy to find me there are clues in this rhyme. I am dying for battle and I think it is time.

Now everybody from the 6:07 put your hands in the air and reach for heaven now everybody from the 6:07 put your hands in the air and reach for heaven

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