My phone say’s I can send pictures to my blog,

Yet,I spent hours following directions;

And my brain’s now in a fog.

Microsoft “word” underlines inperfections.

I must be doing something wrong.

We have use wifi in every room.

Still trying to grasp what could reach so long!

Told it’s cables under ground.Satellites,perhaps? I assume?….

I understand nothing past AM/FM radio waves.

Phone lines I get, Television…still confused.

I think I’m no different from the men in caves;

If they saw “internet” they’d too,be highly amused.

All these gifts of technology,I take for granted; I know.

But do YOU understand it?!

Maybe yes. Maybe no;But history does show;

Technology is great. I like electricity; I admit.

But I learned how that worked with a potato freshmen year.

All this entertainment,we laugh! We YELL, we tear.

Yet,I don’t understand it. So I bet many don’t I fear.

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