ADDICTED TO MORE (1-30-2013)

So you’re finally awake,at two PM

You have a hangover, and got no REM

You haven’t dreamed in many a year.

Get sick every morning and reach for a beer.

What happened last night?And where is yourcar?

You have the keys,so it couldn’t have gone far.

You’re late to work. No money for a cab.

You spent it on something;yet,nothing you have.

Some say you have a problem.(won’t talk to them)

Problem is NOT you…It’s all of them

Miss work. Get fired. Say it’s all your jobs fault!

There’s a bang on the door! A dealer! SHHH! Just halt!

Must owe money…can’t remember..turn off the light!

If you hide in the darkness,it’ll be alright.

There must be,MUST BE,a better way….

Maybe you’ll try that NA or AA?

But sadly,today will be same as before,

Tomorrow we might find you dead on the floor.

But today you will sneak out the back door,

There’s a fix waiting for you;Addicted to more.

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