Truth. step 1


July 20, 2014 at 9:41pm

Children don’t need words to speak.

They use laughter and smiles,sometimes a tear.

Grown-ups know how to speak.

they use war.religion.weapons and fear.

Children know that monsters are real.

They hide in closets,under their beds.

Adults aren’t sure if monsters are real,

They certainly exist though,in their heads.

A child will love you,for who you should be.

They see good in evil, are naturally free.

An adult will love you,when it suits them

They are blinded by what beauty they see.

Children are color blind.

They don’t see your skin.

Adults are prejudice and cruel,

Don’t see the you within.

At some point we lose this innocence.

We learn to speak.

We learn words like ‘fag’ ‘slut’ ‘cracker’………..

We should shut up.we don’t seek;

To be like a child.basic.True.kind

We should strive to not hate.

To leave bigotry behind.

When do we learn this ill fate?

some grown-up taught us. Innocence gone.

We can get it back! That’s what you don’t know.

It will spread like wild fire!

slowly burn and grow..

It starts with silence.

Words get in the way.

To relearn how to live;

Just watch children play.


dedicated to my daughter

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