Who are you?🌻

? I thought I knew you ,but I don’t know you at all

I thought you’d be there to catch me if I did fall.

I thought maybe your minds had gotten better. Now I think you had something to do with that terrible letter.

I saw for myself your mind had gone hazy.

I did not realize you were downright cruel. A nasty kind of crazy.

You know who you are and I’m onto you. You know every single thing I say is true.

Your wrath has nowhere to go or in Sue, you sit in your own s***. My roses never turn blue.

You do crazy so well you hardly can tell,

That you are doomed to go straight to hell.

I don’t wish you badness, but I don’t wish you well.

I smell like a rose. And you. Well ,you just smell.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻