Two men have a chat 🌻

Two men were taking a little walk

As They did, they had a little talk.

But one man kept looking back .

The other man asked,” what was up with that?”

“To look straight ahead, you must always look back.

I don’t want to stumble on something and hit the ground!

Have to check for things so I must turn around.”

” that makes no sense. You’re crazy, please do explain?”

” I’m in no way crazy .just a little insane.

Everything in front of you, you have live to before.

It Is the future that I want to explore.”

” you are driving me mad! Please do tell me more.”

” well, I have missed so much of my life you see.

This way I steal time,just between you and me

Don’t tell others I don’t want my secret out.

Plus we can’t have everyone looking round and about.”

” I see your an exsostengalant . You do not believe; or you do believe in destiny, correct?”

“Yes if Destiny is real. Then my entire world is simply an infect;

Nothing I say or do matters. Doesn’t this bother you?

And if life is up to me I’m also screw do you see

I always make the wrong decision. And I don’t believe in a government that’s free.”

“Well I’m sad to say you have some deep issues ,man.

Fuck it all and have another beer can.”

” life can’t be explained by beer. And I don’t think I can walk anymore.”

“Okay then I will walk you to your front door.”

As they walk home they walk past a black cat.

Just too drunk men talking. Having one hell of a chat.

Peace and  love Laurelin🌻