The bet- a short play written by Laurelin O’Brien ■

Three players

  1. The narrator
  2. God
  3. The devil

The scene is in a empty stage. There is fog billowing around the entire stage. All that is on the stage is a simple card table with two chairs across from each other and a deck of cards on the table.

Narrator- this play takes place in the 4th and 5th Dimension. As the human mind cannot comprehend The 5th Dimension and the fourth dimension overlaps the third dimension. For all intents and purposes of this play it will be set in the third dimension. They always meet each other in limbo. For Lucifer fell from heaven and hell is just too damn hot for God.

The devil enters stage left for no particular reason other than God feels he should always be on the right side. Because God is always right. God answers stage right and both parties sit down across from each other at the folding table.

God– how have you been Luci? Lucifer hates this name but it has always been God’s pet name for him.

Devil- “I’ve been just fine. How have you been OG? ‘This is the devil’s way of reminding God how old he is. And also his pet name for the Lord.

Narrator- God begins to shuffle the cards. He asks the devil if he wants to cut the cards. Lucifer does as he knows that God can be sneaky. Then God began stealing out cards for 5 Card Draw. The Auntie is always the same. Control over Humanity until the next game.

God- ‘so how are things down there? I’ll tell you Luci,it is getting pretty full in heaven. It is your bet.”

Lucifer-” well you are the idiot that tell them to be fruitful and multiply. What are we going to do? They have all this technology now. Even if I send pestilence they would find some poison to kill it. But like I said it is all your fault. I will bet Osama Bin Laden soul.” He shakes his head ever so slightly and says,” I will take two cards.”1

Narrator- I like what most people think the devil and the Lord have always been very good friends. Just because he’s not allowed to live in heaven anymore doesn’t mean the Lord didn’t find a place for him. And they get together often to play cards. There is no set time frame for time doesn’t exist where God and the devil are. God usually wins but I can’t leave the devil does. During World War II the devil had control of humanity. The devil had a big sweep of wins during the Crusades. But in general. Does usually win. The devil takes two cards and God matches the BET by offering the souls of the Catholic Church. The Devil reminds Satan reminds him you can only bid One Soul at a time and begrudgingly God matches the bet by offering the popes soul. He displays and the ace of hearts and takes four cards.

Devil-” so what do you suggest we do with this overpopulation of these creatures you created in your image. By the way OG, they look nothing like you.”

God-” it is not my fault they take everything in the Bible so literally. Like there’s really the possibility of a virgin having a child Luci’

Devil-“, speaking of. How is your dear old son? And you didn’t answer my question what are we going to do about this population problem? And I will bet Jack the Ripper’s soul to do as you please with it.”

God-“, I’m getting those stupid Fundamentalist. Jesus is just fine. But what man forgets is they are all my children. Every man that walks the Earth is my son. Could up the bet. I will not I already know I’ve beaten you. I will give you Mother Teresa’s soul to match Jack the Ripper. Now show me your cards.

Devil-” redeem and weep OG I have you beat hands down.a straight flush Dimonds”

Narrator-God, with a huge laugh guide Reveals His cards. He has a straight flush All In Hearts..

God-” well ,we can not have a tie. So I say that I win because the best of hearts always trumps everything.”

Devil-” I don’t think so. What about your precious prophets? Are they not Diamonds in the Rough? Those are the biggest hearts you get. Therefore I win!”

Narrator- dad scratches his chin. If you can even call it a chin. And he thinks long and hard and finally he says

God- I guess we are just going to call it a tie. Until we meet again my friend.

Devil- so we just leave Humanity up to their own devices! This could go terribly wrong OG.

God- we left them alone during the Renaissance and they ended up just fine.

Devil-,- okay then  OG. I will see you next time.

Narrator – They give each other a short hug and depart. This is the way of things. We like to think we are in control. However Our Fate truly rest on a card game. When you think about it it sounds so silly. But if you really think about it long and hard maybe your fate does rest on something as simple as a card game. As simple as of relationship. As simple as turning right vs left. So why not a card game? If you notice it ends with Humanity being left to its own devices. Will you just deal with life with the cards you are dealt? Or will you cheat and make your own beds. I leave it up to you.