The best of times 🌻

It Was the best Of times ,it was the best of times

You  thought I was going to say, the worst of times.

However, there are no rewinds,

 It is always the best of times.

Even when life is turned upside down  :it is your best day!

 Why? You dare to ask? For you got up today.

I truly learned carpe diem. Seize the day.

A phrase I often said. Yet, I understood not. I must say.

Not about living life like every day was the last. Or bending the knee to pray.

It’s about the fact that ,you ,can think. And your thoughts get in the way.

Yes ,it gets confusing. That is what you want to say.

How lucky we are to think! Have you ever really thought about it? What a day!

You were just molecules and atoms. You could be a rock or a stone:

Instead you are you. You and you are alone

Seize the Day. Carpe diem. For every day might be your last.

Every moment is a blessing. Every moment is the past.

What will you do with your moment in time?

Listen to yourself. Listen to this rhyme.

We only have right now. So make it count.

It is kindness and love. And how much you give. The amount.

When you are gone. Six feet under and decay,

What will people remember? What will they say?

For me they will say she carpe diem. Everyday she seized by the day .

Peace and love Laurelin🌻