Superstitions ☆

I broke a mirror today. And hundreds of me fell on the floor.

Else’s in an Alice Hole I saw hundreds of me open up a door.

Each one at different times, some turned the knob to the left side ,to the right ,some even looked back.

When they did they looked with sorrow. Some with pain. Some with joy or grace.

Where are they going? To Wonderland? To outer space?

I picked up one Shard but am afraid to look at my face

Nothing is there absolutely nothing. As if I’m invisible to all that see.

 and my hand slips Through The Shard like water and I quickly pull it out.

I  scream out to no one- each one could I possibly go through!?

I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. What would you do?

I think therefore I am. I have to choose. I sit and think.

I have a quick smoke, I have a drink ,I look at all the sorrowful faces and realize I’m on the Brink!

It doesn’t matter which I choose. Either way I’m going to lose. I think I will switch to Stronger booze. Like the Matrix the world is a ruse.

Now I know I am just being ridiculous. Or perhaps…… just superstitious.

Peace and love Laurelin