Rabbit hole ☆

Down ,down, down the rabbit hole.

When will it stop? Who the hell knows

It is so humid. The pain would drive you insane.

I would feel better, if only it would f****** rain.

Albert Einstein Define that ,Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, is insanity

I live the same day over and over again. My appearance I care not. I have no vanity.

Once and awhile the Mad Hatter will stop by.

We will have Tea, then he will tip his hat so slightly and Say Goodbye.

The smoking caterpillar used to visit often. But my daughter is now 6. And she knows how to read who R U!

Well this endless rabbit hole ever stop falling, I wish I knew.

I’m still descending the rabbit hole. I’m confused. I have not seen anyone at all.

I cry out-” hello!” . But there is no answer ;and I just fall ,and fall, and fall.

I see some doctors along the way.

This pill, that pill, is all they say

I think I finally see that damn rabbit.

Following him has turned into a habit.

I see Tweedledee and Tweedledum finally at the floor.

They are having an argument over math once more

Tweedledum says two plus one equals one.

 2 plus 1 equals 2 says Tweedledee

The rabbit always claims 2 plus 1 equals 3

I guarantee you are seeing with the rabbit sight.

 in reality they all are right.

Tweedledum sees all people as Humanity so no matter the number it always equals one.

The Rabbit uses normal logic and he sees it as a aum.

Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dee Dum as one so that would make one plus one equals two.

You see when you think with creativity whatever is in your mind is true.