Follower or leader🌻

Thank you to those who follow me.

I try to return the favor when I see,

That you are all about poetry.

Or especially if you are a fan of humanity.

I think in order to be a good follower, you need two things.

One is to trust your gut. The other, to have an open mind to things that bring;

New ideas flow everywhere in cyberspace.. 

take advantage of it! Grab it! Make your mark in this space and time with Grace!

If you are a leader, then lead. Lead for the people. Lead for Humanity. Do not lead for greed.

Some people are just born to be leaders. They are born to plant a humanitarian seed

There is nothing wrong with being a leader or a follower. Both are important as the idea takes root.

Lead for the right reasons. Follow the Right leader. Or your idea will have rotten fruit.

What Are you? Do you lead or do you follow?

Do you see love and compassion.? Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow. We make mistakes, no matter who we are.

Just do not follow blindly. If you lead be a beacon. Not dark but a shining star

Without thinking for ourselves; Humanity does not have a chance to go far.

Be for the people. Be for Humanity., be a good president. Minister or czar.

Leader or follower, just make the world better. And don’t be bizarre.

I think all of us have it in us to be both.

Just make sure you are working towards Humanities’ growth.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻