Fight back 🌻

When someone really hurts you , you should fight back.

No not Revenge. Too old and wise for an emotional attack

Sometimes you’re stabbed in the back, and stomped on , over and over .

Do not dwell. Think of rainbows and happy thoughts ,like picking a four-leaf clover

That is how you fight back. Don’t dwell. Just wish all your enemies well.
Don’t feed into it. What they want is for you to cry, and tell ;how they made you live in hell.

There are more things in life to worry about. Like your family and health.

Money doesn’t make you wealthy , It just makes you rich. It is family and friends that give you wealth.

Death of a Salesman, I tought to my students;- I asked them what  wealth meant, and they all said money.

If You think so too, I think that is very funny.

I made them all look up the definition and write it down.

Their eyes opened wide without a sound.
Wealth just means happiness. Inside and all around.

If you seek revenge ,wealth is Out Of Reach.
You fight back with the forgiveness. Only then will you find peace

Peace and love Laurelin🌻