dream dream 🌼

Never give up on a dream.

No matter how hard it may seem.

No matter how often you fall. 

Always get up and stand tall.

Even if you do something dumb.

Stand tall. Do not run.

Throw away old ones you’ve dated

 Careful, though. You hesitated.

He or she doesn’t love you. Just move on.

Stop singing that old country song.

Don’t follow your hormones. Follow your passion.

If you do you will get the right reaction.

When you are young ,you don’t realize you don’t need a mate.
Even now I see you hesitate!

Yes ,the Bible says to pray for others.

Your mothers, your sisters  ,your cousin, your brothers.

It’s okay to be selfish. As long as your dream helps all.

When you have passion you can touch even the littlest small.

So dream big! Not for others but just for you.

Dream on ,Friends. Dream On. I promise that dream will come true.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻