Door knob🌻

The doorknob is a peculiar thing.

 You answer it ,when the bell does ring.

You turn the knob and right before your eyes.

Is always a different surprise.

Person ,package, pile of dog poop;

They are all in the same group.

They all arrived just for you.

Good or bad surprise this fact is true.

Imagine no door knob on any of a door.

No visits. No Presents. No way to explore the outdoors!

Well, than you would live a life quite like me.

I don’t get out much, as you can see.

Sometimes, in daylight I quietly sob.

just staring at that damn knob.

Soon I will go out that front door.

Many a place I will explore.

I get excited just being a car.

Even if we don’t drive far.

Sometimes I think a window I will break.

But there is too much time, effort ,and money at stake.

Instead I stare at that damn door knob and dream.

Being social. Being normal. Catch sunrays instead of the a sun beam.

I can’t wait for the day! So much waits for me and more!

I can’t wait to turn you doorknob. And go out that front door.

 yes ,I must be patient and wait. But it is exciting, you see.

Finish Line! And it awaits out the door ,just for me.

Stem cell patients is a virtue. And I await with  great Glee

Peace and love Laurelin🌻