Depression. Hate. Hurt. Angry. Is there a difference? ☆

I think not. The blur of my emotional state is mind rot; it seems to be all I got.

Wanted to write a ‘happy’ poem. Haven’t in a while; happy today, just ain’t my style.

Wish I had some joyful news. Wrath is all I can see. It’s not my fault…, The news is on TV.

Sometimes Life just sucks. Period. End of story. One could try; trust me, it always ends gory.

The world is a shit storm. Haven’t seen clear skies in so long! So what the hell is wrong?

EVERYTHING. Nothing. Something.

Maybe I need Jesus. Or Satan. Or Santa Claus. I’ll settle with anyone whom can help.

God left it up to me. CURSE YOU SELF WILL! So why do I pray still?

Hope. Faith. These pills are hard to swallow. They haunt me. Plaque me. I want to wallow.

My will is too great. That’s the worst part; I have quite a big heart ♥

There is always someone that has it worse. I should be blesses! So why does it feel a curse?

That’s the irony of it all. My heart is so big; my mind’s growing small.

Literally. I have brain atrophy. My IQ will never be as it once was and that’s okay because….

I love that virus called the human race. As long as there is love I have a place.

As long as you give me a smile; I’ll stick around for a while.

I have hope. I have faith. They are mine and I won’t let go.

My heart pumps strong;though my mind goes slow.

Love thy neighbor. Be the best you can be!

What gives me hope is humanity.

So come, my friends, join the party.

I promise, fellow man, you won’t be sorry!

I won’t give in as long as others sing my song.

 Peace and love Laurelin


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