Beautiful dreamer but no beautiful dream. 🌻

I had a beautiful dream that did not come true.

First it really makes me mad and upset between me and you.
I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.

I am still quite sick after my stem cell surgery so maybe this just isn’t the right season.

, maybe I am supposed to wait until the leaves of May.

Maybe then I’ll be walking with a walker or cane permanently. For I am not today.

Have spent the last 7 years alone in my home. 

Suddenly I  went to Mexico and there I did Rome.

 But now ,No places to go no people to see.

I have to know it’s better to wait. I let nature play out for me.

I was hoping to be better by my party ,you see

Sometimes nature reminds me it is not up to me.

Now I have the joy of planning for the next one..

I Will not let this party slide down with the Sun

I want a bigger venue and people all around.

My beautiful dream still exist with house music sound.

DReams do not die. They are sometimes delayed.

These fliers will get ripped and torn and frayed

Come springtime I can use the same flyer design

All I have to do is add the word too

Do that and change the terrible venue.

I want something big like a warehouse or something with two rooms.

Please look on the brighter side of things. Just see bigger success ,not Dooms and glooms

It just means I was meant to do it bigger and better.

And you wait for my chemotherapy and stem cell IV over it will be nicer weather.

Was truly sad and down in the dumps.

But I never let materialism put me in the slumps
Money is just paper. It matters not to me. It is meant to be spent.

Food and shelter and parties and rent

A beautiful dream has not gone away.
Beautiful dreamer party will happen. Just not for today.

Peace and love Laurelin🌻