Here we are, again. I debated writing a New Year’s blog, as what can I add to what I wrote last year? The biggest thing I can say is, the world got a little scarier.

We appear to be in another cold war. Although no news organization has said it out loud yet. But it’s pretty apparent. It is democracy vs autocracy. And I don’t know who will win. But like I wrote. It is pretty scary.

We successfully got rid of Donald Trump, only to allow Russia to get away with more. And more. And the more. They basically have Ukraine surrounded. But no one wants to say we are in a cold war.

China grows increasingly aggressive towards Taiwan. And I don’t even know what happened with the Olympics. I think we competed, but you don’t hear anything about it. Similar to the whole Cold War thing. If we don’t talk about it, maybe it’s not happening? It is been a strange year. A scary one. And covid is not done with us yet. And now it has become a war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. Like I said, the world has become a scary place.

We used to never think of using violence to defeat our opponent. In a democracy you use The Ballot Box. But more and more what happened last year on January 6th, has showed us that people don’t really mind using violence. And it’s scary. We have the January 6th committee, I’m not sure what they have done in the past year. Kind of like the Beijing Olympics, I don’t really know what happened in 2021? It was a strange, scary, year.

As far as my house goes, I have stayed stable. I truly believe my stem cell transplant was a success. My multiple sclerosis will not get any worse. Unfortunately, it will not get any better. So talking about myself will be brief. My year has been okay. I did not catch covid. No one in my immediate family did.

This year I have truly been more concerned with what’s going on in the world. Global warming is out of control. Half the country still doesn’t believe in it. Netflix even came out with this adorable movie called, don’t look up. It pretty much in satire explains the year 2021. Climate deniers. Science deniers. It is been pretty crazy. And those of us that still wear a mask, are scared to go out in public. Because those that don’t wear a mask, are quick to judge the ones that choose to stay healthy. It’s insane!

I won’t even talk about politics. All That Matters from last year is that we got rid of Donald Trump. Everything else in politics has remained the same. Power corrupts power. The powerful want to stay in power. But at least I have not heard as much profanity. AKA a libtard. It seems to have died down with the former guys use of such language as Kung flu. I can’t even tell you about the damage he probably did to the soul of this nation.

This year is a midterm election. I am not as concerned about politics as I used to be. I really only cared about getting rid of the former guy, everything else will fall into place. They say Republicans will probably gain back power. That whole power corrupts power thing, I don’t really want to part of it anymore. I am more concerned with the fate of this planet. And I want to leave my child a healthy one. Politics will always take care of themselves. And I certainly hope democracies when against autocracy but if they don’t, I hope the Earth wins the battle against climate change.

If nothing else this last year has made me reflect and realize that in the macro sense of things, politics don’t matter. The well being of the planet does. Maybe it’s being middle-aged that makes me reflect on things non-political. I was so invested in politics for so long, I feel like I’m neglecting the bigger scheme of things. But I am making up for it.

After all, I am only 41. I hope life is only half over. I want to watch my daughter grow up, and I really want there to be a planet for her to grow up on. This year has been the year of democracy versus autocracy. A continuation of the year of covid. And as such, a year that divided this country even deeper. We were once / red and blue, now we are / who wears a mask. It was an interesting year. I guess all I will leave you with the hopes of a 2022 is, make sure do once in awhile, just look up

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